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Wellness Services

(available by appointment only)

Chakra Balancing Massage

A gentle relaxing massage incorporating balancing the 7 energy centers to restore harmony and focus to your mind and body.

50 minutes $130

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a “clothes on” practice which alternates between assisted yoga and acupressure. The stretching and targeted pressure releases tension in the muscles and assists in overall body wellness.

50 minutes $130

Warm Herbal Poultice Massage

Warm herbal poultices are applied with pressure. The process provides the benefits of the herbs, including the reduction of inflammation and relieving joint pain, while improving circulation through the heat of the poultice. The therapist is able to apply pressure with the poultice providing a unique massage experience.

50 minutes $130

Beach Ready Energy Renewal Ritual

This signature service uses a unique blend of energy techniques and light massage to bring your whole-body balance and harmony. You will begin with a simple guided meditation to center and calm your mind. A combination of aromatherapy, stone therapy and energy work is used to gently align your emotional, mental and energy planes. Soothing massage manipulations are then applied to your feet, hands and head to soothe physical stress. A closing final guided meditation ends your session, leaving you balanced and renewed.

80 minutes $150


This treatment is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine which state that the foot contains reflex points that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Your therapist will apply pressure to specific areas of the foot, unblocking the life force to every part of the body. This improves the flow of energy, brings the body into balance and promotes its healthy functioning.

25 minutes $75



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