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Beach Ready Custom Massage

Our highly skilled massage therapists will create the perfect blend of massage techniques to suit your needs. Your customized experience includes an organic aromatherapy oil of your choice.

50 minutes $125 / 80 minutes $180

Medical/Sports Massage

A detailed massage that is ideal for relieving muscular aches and pains. The therapist will apply targeted pressure for physical and mental balance.

50 minutes $125 / 80 minutes $180

Stretching Massage

This unique massage incorporates stretching as well as compressive massage techniques. This gentle massage is designed to relieve muscle tension, provide relaxation and improve circulation.

50 minutes $110 / 80 minutes $160

Targeted Massage

This massage focuses on a specific area of your choice, such as neck, shoulders and back, or feet and hands.

25 minutes $65

Hot Shell Massage

A truly unique Beach Ready experience. Tiger Clam Shells are heated and used to melt away tension spots and soothe muscle soreness. An alternative to Hot Stone Massage, this treatment relaxes the muscles while invigorating the body.

50 minutes $130 / 80 minutes $190

Hot Stone Massage

Warmed stones are used by the therapist as an extension of their hands. The weight and radiant heat of the stones, combined with a calming essential oil, penetrates muscle tissue, inducing deep relaxation.

80 minutes $190

Great Expectations Maternity Massage

Designed especially for the mother-to-be, this massage is very beneficial, helping to ease any tension or stress during this wonderful period of transformation. Available after the first trimester.

50 minutes $110 / 80 minutes $160

Couples Massage

Choose your preference of Beach Ready Custom or Hot Shell in one room. You will have time to toast the experience and enjoy a chocolate treat.

50 minutes $250 / 80 minutes $360


Available by appointment only

In Your Room – Outcall Beach Ready Custom Massage

Relax in your own room, home or condo. Minimum of 80 minutes and two therapists. Limited geographic area. Call for details.

Massage Enhancements – No additional time needed. $20 each

2 Hot Stones, Aromatherapy or Scalp Treatment

Massage Add-ons – Add 25 minutes. $65 each

Express Facial or Express Body Scrub

29 Quincy Circle  /  Seaside, Florida  32459  - (850) 468-0925